Build a financially secure future for yourself with Terhi Majasalmi from Vauras Nainen

Terhi Majasalmi, a self-made millionaire, real estate professional, author, and the founder of the largest women’s wealth community, Vauras Nainen “The Wealthy Woman” (80k+ members) in Finland, is someone we admire at Herizon. Her active efforts to help women become financially independent are impressive and much needed, which is why we were so delighted to have her host an event with us at Icebreaker’s office in Helsinki.

Terhi took us on a journey through her experience in going against societal expectations as a woman and building a financially secure future for herself.

What did we learn from her? 

  1. Make sure you have handled your own running costs before you start investing.
  2. Terhi encouraged us to seek out extra income streams that match our skills and interests.
  3. When starting to invest, think carefully what truly interests you. We don’t have to try every moneymaking venture; instead focus on what you love doing. Investing time and energy into what really interests you is key.
  4. Invest responsibly.
  5. When you start investing; think about the future, such as a 5-year span – is this still going to be a viable opportunity, or is it just a fleeting trend?

We’re so greatful for Terhi for joining us and sharing so many valuable tips. Let’s continue having conversations about money.

Psst.. Check these links out:

Terhi’s LinkedIn
Vauras Nainen Website

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