Herizon x Tech Nordic Advocates event at Solita’s office

We co-organized an event together with Tech Nordic Advocates at Solita’s office in the end of June and we had a full house of inspirational professionals. The idea for the event was to connect growth hackers with start up founders from TNA’s Helsinki Female Tech Founder Frontrunner program. HFTFF is an international mentoring program that helps women launch new and grow existing businesses in the technology space.

It was really inspiring to get to know the story of Mari, how she created Herizon, and her learnings in the process. Additionally, it felt good to meet female founders and ask questions about their startups or business ideas, personally, I loved to see empowered women trying to do some changes through their business. Another great value for me was getting to know better about the culture of Solita. I think having this kind of event, allows you to know more about the company and if you would be a good fit for their culture.” – Carolina Gomez

Inspired by this event, our community members, who are also seeking new job opportunities in Finland, generously shared their recommendations on how to enter the tech industry.

Here are the main takeaways:‍

Be engaged: Active involvement within your professional community is crucial. Attend events, connect with people in your field on LinkedIn, and build your network. By being proactive, you can discover new opportunities and gain insights from others.

Continuously Learn: In the fast-paced tech industry, continuous learning is vital. Take online courses to stay updated with the latest developments. By investing in your personal growth, you enhance your professional value and open doors to exciting opportunities.

Seek Mentoring: Enroll in career mentoring programs to receive guidance and support. Mentors can offer valuable advice tailored to your goals. Don’t hesitate to seek their wisdom to accelerate your career growth.

Stay Informed and Explore: Keep up with the ever-changing world of technology. Explore new terms, concepts, and areas to expand your knowledge. This exploration can lead you to discover relevant courses and resources for further learning.

Shape Your Story and Persevere: One inspiring moment at the event was when Mari Luukkainen, Herizon’s founder emphasized the importance of shaping your own narrative. She encouraged attendees to overcome obstacles, persist, and never give up. Her words resonated with everyone, reminding us that success is within reach for each individual.

“I was inspired by the talk from Mari about her journey, and I have started sharing more of my knowledge, expertise, and experience with the community since then. I am a lifetime learner, and now I want to help others learn as well. I think supporting everyone in our capacity is always needed in this life. I also made some good connections after the event, from both Herizon and the female startup founders. If I did not step out of my laptop on that day, I would have not met them. “ – 
Sa Le

Huge thanks to everyone who came and to Tech Nordic Advocates for co-organizing and Solita for giving your space to us.

Additionally, thanks Sa LeEvgeniia KapshtykCarolina GomezSooyeon Choi for sharing your insights! 💜

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