LinkedIn Showcase: Transitioning to a new industry

What to do when you’re looking to start a career in an entirely new role and industry?

For the past mont we’ve been arranging a LinkedIn bootcamp for our Herizon community members. To celebrate the first day of June, we had the pleasure of welcoming an exceptional guest, Celia Ogna, who shared her invaluable insights and experiences with us.

A while ago, Celia wanted to move from HR to International education and she decided to focus a lot on personal branding to show her enthusiasm, interest and knowledge about the new journey.

The main insights were: 

✔️ Find people who are already in your dream job and industry, connect with them and learn about their journey

✔️ Be brave and share your own insights and learnings about trending topics and research in your dream industry

✔️ Stay consistent in engaging with the community—join relevant events and online groups, for instance on Slack, have coffee chats and give back when possible.

This session was both enjoyable and motivating! Thanks Celia for generously sharing your story and providing advice to our community.

Psst. If you’d like to join sessions such as these, apply to our LinkedIn bootcamp here.

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