Living as a Growth Hacker: Fourth Week


I am Carolina and I just wanted to share with you, how has it been my fourth-week experience as Growth Hacker Intern at Evergreen.As I have mentioned before, growth hacking needs you to have so many skills, one of them being adaptability.

Working as a Growth Hacker, you need to be up to date with all the trends related to your company and you need to be aware of all that is happening in the digital world and more. Why? Because your users/clients are out there, and that knowledge will allow you to find opportunities to adapt.

Last week, was about that. I dug deep in, and I found something that could work well for Evergreen related to SEO, then by learning more about the trends, and topics related to our Ideal Customer Persona and adapting them to our website, we did some changes to increase our traffic.

This experiment we did, is only an example of adaptability, but it applies to everything, from the use of ChatGPT for an outline, adopting a platform for the creation of content, creating a new feature for the product, or diversifying the portfolio according to needs of the market, listening ideas of the team and more.

If we want to grow, we should adapt, think outside of the box, take brave steps forward, and do an analysis of the learnings of every outcome we have. The truth is that, there is no easy way to grow, without it!

Stay tuned for more growth hacking updates!



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