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To foster a more inclusive technology sector, proactive measures are essential. At Herizon, we tackle this challenge head-on by simultaneously educating and supporting both emerging talent and tech companies. Our vision hinges on the symbiotic growth of the Nordic and Baltic tech industries alongside international talent, who in turn deserve opportunities to excel and leverage their unique capabilities.

Firstly, we focus on enlightening women about the diversity of roles available in the tech industry, illuminating pathways to careers rich with potential for stock options and wealth creation. By cultivating new role models, we aim to amplify the message of equal opportunities for all.

Secondly, we serve as a conduit, connecting international experts with local firms that are seeking the specialized knowledge necessary to penetrate global markets and carve out their success stories.

Lastly, our goal is to nurture a forthcoming generation of international tech entrepreneurs, equipped with domain knowledge and the tenacity to thrive.

Our approach

At Herizon, we operate with a commitment to data-driven decision-making and uphold transparency as a core value. Our ambition is steadfast: to forge meaningful change without compromise. Monthly, we innovate with fresh strategies, intensifying our efforts on the initiatives that demonstrably propel us toward our primary goal—achieving employment for those we serve.

Our roots in the startup culture inform our dynamic approach, embracing continuous testing, iteration, and the lean startup method. This unconventional strategy for a non-profit organization has proven effective for us. We maintain a focused and agile team, dedicated to delivering scalable results.

We’re confronted with a pivotal question: Can we successfully employ growth hacking strategies to enhance immigration employment and simultaneously catalyze the growth of Nordic and Baltic companies?


Our partnership network is extensive and diverse, spanning over 100 entities ranging from nimble startups to expansive city administrations. We are continuously seeking dialogue with like-minded organizations and individuals who share our commitment to effectuating tangible change efficiently. We believe in the power of collective effort to drive substantial impact.

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