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Main partner

Limited spots

For companies of any size that are looking to support international women and diverse folks, and gain visibility in our extended community of 1000+ members.

What's included?


/ sprint based on length and number of hackers

Hackathon partner

We solve your bottleneck in 2-8 weeks

For companies with a bottleneck that they need to solve fast.

Our team of Herizon alumni will solve your business bottleneck based on your project brief. We use senior members of the community who have already been working in local high-growth tech startups for 2-3 years by providing them project-based extra income.

Outcome: problem solved and solution applied in practice or concrete plan to implement changes delivered.

What's included?

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Collaboration activities

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Meri-Kaisla Ketola

Business Development

Meri-Kaisla Ketola

Business Development

Partner with us

Partnering with Herizon enhances your brand’s social responsibility profile, grants access to a diverse talent pool, and fosters a culture of inclusion within your organization. This collaboration not only strengthens your company’s image but also supports innovation and employee engagement.

Are you ready to make an impact with us?

Look into our current and upcoming programs and contact us for any kind of collaboration ideas. We’re stronger together!