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We bring international talent into the Nordic tech scene, enhancing innovation, economic growth, and inclusivity through targeted training and strategic matchmaking.


Employed individuals are our top priority

Our initiatives aim to stimulate economic growth by integrating skilled talent into the Nordic tech ecosystem, supporting both local businesses and the broader economy.

We are dedicated to addressing the skills shortage in the tech industry by connecting public sector projects with a diverse pool of international talent, ensuring that the workforce is equipped to meet future challenges.

We commit to creating more inclusive communities by facilitating the integration of international professionals, enriching the cultural fabric and fostering a sense of belonging for everyone involved.


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Case studies

Public sector and partner case studies

From bridging skill gaps in the tech industry to fostering economic growth and promoting inclusivity, these stories highlight how strategic collaboration and the integration of international talent can lead to substantial benefits for communities and the tech ecosystem in the Nordic region.


Talents and Startups event

With the Talents and Startups event co-organized with the City of Helsinki, our goal was to create an event that could offer job opportunities and expand people’s networks in Finland.

How often on a slushy Monday morning do you get to see 170 people in a beautiful location, smiling at each other, and getting ready to mingle? Yep exactly! On the 30th of October, in the Helsinki City hall, the vibes were just like that.


Herizon x Tech Nordic Advocates event at Solita’s office​

We co-organized an event together with Tech Nordic Advocates at Solita’s office at the end of June and we had a full house of inspirational professionals.

The idea for the event was to connect growth hackers with start up founders from TNA's Helsinki Female Tech Founder Frontrunner program. HFTFF is an international mentoring program that helps women launch new and grow existing businesses in the technology space.


International Talent Survey Finland

Our survey was crafted to gain valuable insights and identify avenues for growth within the international community of Finland and how we can support their journey in Finland better.

Understanding demographic nuances, educational backgrounds, employment statuses, thoughts about the government's new immigration policies, and the challenges encountered when seeking employment in Finland allows us to develop tailored solutions for our international talent network.


Growth Hacking Internship arrives at Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences

We started with a successful side hustle of our founder and venture capitalist Mari who piloted a growth hacking internship at 4 years ago. Training 100 international talents in growth hacking, 94% of them landed full-time jobs immediately. Encouraged by this, we formed a non-profit, raised funds, and built a team to expand our efforts.

We're kicking off this internship as a 15-credit practical training course Haaga-Helia. This program is a great fit for students studying business or IT near graduation.

Other services

Empowering talent integration

Through targeted training and technology, we enhance job market accessibility for professionals and streamline the hiring process for employers, ultimately enriching the Nordic work ecosystem.

  • LinkedIn Bootcamp Designed for international professionals eyeing the Nordic job market, our LinkedIn Bootcamp equips talent to craft compelling profiles.
  • AI-powered competence mapping Our software facilitates the matching of international talents with Nordic job opportunities by also mapping out their competencies.
  • Training for public sector business coordinators This training provides public sector employees with the necessary insights to efficiently link international talent to employment opportunities.

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