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We’re making the tech more diverse by linking international talent with jobs in the Nordics.

  • 300+ employed
  • 800+ talent pool
  • From 70+ countries

Our alumni have been employed at:

Diversifying tech, sustaining Nordic societies

Herizon boosts the Nordic tech ecosystem by harnessing local international talent—offering training and job opportunities. We have helped over 200 individuals start tech careers in over 100 companies, enhancing the region's economic growth and diversity annually by adding 100+ skilled workers.


Transform your career in tech

Jumpstart your journey in the Nordic tech industry with personalized training, mentorship, and flexible job opportunities designed to match your skills and ambitions.

  • Tailored career pathways
  • Immediate industry impact
  • Community and support

Drive innovation with diverse talent

Discover the power of diversity to fuel innovation. Partner with us to access a pool of skilled international talent, ready to contribute to your success and drive your business forward with our transparent processes that support the talent success.

  • Diverse talent pool
  • Streamlined recruitment
  • Transparent and data-driven
Public sector

Strengthen the Nordic tech ecosystem

Strengthen the foundation of our society through technology and inclusion. Our collaborative efforts ensure a prosperous, diverse, and competitive Nordic region, benefiting all.

  • Real results
  • Economic growth and stability
  • Inclusive societal development

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