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Julia Schmieder Expansion Associate

"Once again I would like to thank Mari for her efforts, I believe that with her vision she has created new perspectives and opportunities for many. There are ups and downs when moving to another country, but as we were always reminded during the internship: trust the process. Trust the growth hacking process, but above all, trust yourself, and your personal growth."

Juha Hurstinen Growth Hacker

"Having a Finnish name didn't guarantee me a job in Finland. The learning curve was high, but so was the reward. This internship taught me how to navigate and venture into the unknown, ideate and experiment, and grow using principles and a value system that can only be passed on from another growth hacker."

Éclair Photitai Innovation Portfolio Manager

"I never thought I would love my job, but I do. And I never thought I would become an executive but it's happening. So much can change in a year and when you're in the middle of the storm everything feels overwhelming and unreachable. But looking back, after weathering the storm it all needed to happen the way it did and I don't think I would change anything."

Carolina Gomez Creative Operations Manager

"Working as a Growth Hacker, you need to be up to date with all the trends related to your company and you need to be aware of all that is happening in the digital world and more. Why? Because your users/clients are out there, and that knowledge will allow you to find opportunities to adapt."

Zuzana Hutchinson Content Marketing Specialist

"When she eventually landed job interviews, companies were quite impressed with her experience and her capacity to achieve growth results in such a short time as 3 months, which became the deciding hire factor."

Karoliina Myllymäki Marketing Coordinator

"It was a calming feeling to know that I would receive help. I knew I could ask for help if I ever got to a point where I didn't understand something or just needed help. It's also nice to have a wide range of people to connect to on a professional level."

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