About Herizon

Nordic Future, Global Minds

We’re bringing new voices to Nordic tech. Our mission is to make the tech world more diverse by linking international talent with jobs in the Nordics.

Powering Nordic tech ecosystem

Herizon drives the Nordic tech ecosystem forward by leveraging international talent already in the region, including spouses and students.

Through fast-track training, mentorship, and job opportunities, we boost the local tech industry and contribute to economic prosperity. Over 200 individuals have kickstarted tech careers at 100+ companies, enhancing the workforce annually.

As a non-profit with a startup twist, Herizon stands out for its economic efficiency, spending only €1,000 per highly educated immigrant integrated into the workforce, demonstrating significant societal and economic returns.

Our data-driven strategy ensures precise, impactful interventions, while our partnerships across tech and business sectors address critical skill shortages and foster innovation.

  • Economic efficiency
  • Data-driven approach
  • Quick talent integration with real results
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Startup pedigree unleashed

Our team's roots in scaling Nordic tech giants are at the heart of Herizon's mission. With a track record of bringing startup agility and growth to the tech industry, we're leveraging our expertise to drive inclusivity and innovation.

"I trained and employed 100 immigrant women while solving my own problem for finding high potential diverse talent."

Mari Luukkainen, Founder
Founder's vision

Empowering through action

In facing a critical bottleneck at an early-stage venture capital firm Icebreaker.vc, Mari Luukkainen launched the Growth Hacking Internship. This initiative was not just a solution to a business challenge but a gateway to meaningful change.

Over two years, 100 immigrant women were trained and employed, showcasing a remarkable success rate of 95% and demonstrating the power of targeted training programs.

Herizon has evolved from a solution to a venture capital bottleneck into a pioneering force in tech, blending non-profit goals with startup efficiency.

Now employing over 100 people yearly, our team, known for scaling major Nordic tech companies, aims to employ 100,000, driving diversity and inclusivity in tech with innovative scaling strategies.

Join Herizon movement

Dive into the inclusive future of tech with Herizon. Whether you're looking to get hired, hire, partner, or learn more about our initiatives, we're here to guide you.

Our team is ready to share insights, discuss your needs, and explore how we can collaborate to enrich the tech industry together.

  • Integration and empowerment for talent
  • Flexible talent opportunities for companies
  • Bridge to the tech industry for the public sector
  • Research & development
  • Partner with a can-do attitude