Flexible international expertise

Highly educated international professionals, with flexible contracts and data-driven processes.

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Your bridge to exceptional, flexible expertise

Fraction by Herizon is our flexible staffing service for full-time, part-time, or project-based talent from our alumni and community pool.

At the heart of Fraction lies a commitment to diversity and international expertise. We provide a distinctive, flexible approach to professional staffing, lowering the barrier to employing international talent.

Our fields of specialization encompass e.g. revops, communications, marketing, growth, sales development, customer success, analytics, operations, and finance. This is bolstered by our extensive network, comprising an alumni pool of over 200 seasoned experts and a community of more than 500 members. 

These professionals hail from over 70 different countries, all currently based in Finland, bringing a rich tapestry of global perspectives and skills to local businesses.

The impact of our talent

Strategically established Finance and Controlling functions, leading to a 20% increase in annual revenue (€700,000/year). This significant financial uplift was achieved by eliminating unwarranted discounts and ensuring comprehensive documentation and invoicing for all services rendered.

Herizon Alumni 3+ years of experience

Facilitated transformative workshops on product-market fit and customer acquisition strategies, culminating in a breakthrough for a start-up that secured its first corporate customer within just one month – a significant milestone following 18 months without any sales.

Herizon Alumni 3+ years of experience

Conducted an in-depth Market and Competitor Analysis as part of a freelance project, which was instrumental in formulating a pricing strategy. This strategic overhaul propelled a movie theatre chain to achieve a 10-fold increase in sales, marking a significant turnaround in their market performance.

Herizon Alumni 3+ years of experience

Opened up discussion to Volvo after 2 weeks of working as a Swedish go-to-market Sales Development Representative.

Herizon Junior 0+ years of experience

Generated 78 answers from LinkedIn to a B2B research case in one week.

Herizon Junior 2+ years of experience

What Fraction offers

Global talent, local impact

Fraction’s professionals bring international experience and cultural richness, offering insights and skills to drive your go-to-market strategies and business growth.

Flexible hires

From one day to a full week, Fraction adapts to your business needs, providing in-house, hybrid, or remote support.

Diverse expertise

Our pool of talent spans from fresh graduates to professionals with up to four years of experience in dynamic roles, ensuring a perfect match for your specific requirements.

Goal-oriented collaboration

Aligning closely with your business objectives, Fraction executes strategies in agile weekly cycles for continuous improvement and adaptation.

Transparent and effective communication

Regular updates and detailed documentation via Google Spreadsheets offer clarity and trackability, ensuring alignment and strategic decision-making.

Real results

Our original experts from the famous growth hacking internship have experience of up to 4 years working in growth companies with delivered results such as +€300K MRR within a year for a local early-stage startup.

Fraction pricing

We offer flexible staffing starting from 1 day per week. The most popular model is 3 days per week. Ask for custom pricing for your needs!


/ month for 3 days per week


Ideal for businesses seeking fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Our junior professionals are recent graduates or individuals with up to 1 year of experience, eager to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical settings.

What to expect?


/ month for 3 days per week


Perfect for businesses requiring a balance of fresh ideas and proven skills. These professionals have 1-3 years of experience, often from early-stage startups, equipped to handle more complex tasks with greater autonomy.

What to expect?


/ month for 3 days per week


Tailored for businesses needing deep expertise and strategic insights. Our senior professionals have 3-4 years of experience, often from established startups to Series B companies, bringing seasoned insights and leadership qualities.

What to expect?

Meri-Kaisla Ketola

Business Development

Meri-Kaisla Ketola

Business Development

Experience the Fraction advantage

With Fraction, your business gains an edge in today’s competitive market by leveraging global expertise and local understanding. Connect with Fraction today, and start transforming your business with the power of flexible, world-class talent.