Growth hacking internship by Herizon

Growth hacking internship

The Growth Hacking Internship by Herizon is an immersive, 2-month intensive course designed to propel interns, companies, and educational institutions into the forefront of the tech industry.

Among 200+ companies employing our alumni

Industry leaders trust our alumni

High-growth tech companies across various sectors have hired our alumni into their teams. These organizations, recognized for innovation and market impact, value the unique skills, perspectives, and cultural diversity our graduates bring.

Key highlights

Impactful work experience inreal companies

Participants engage in weekly test iterations within startups or tech companies, solving real-world growth bottlenecks by running a systematic process of Strategic Growth Hacking OS.

This program is a cornerstone of Herizon Academy, providing a collaborative learning environment supported by a community of 100+ internship alumni, extensive resources like 30+ Vimeo recordings, and bi-weekly growth hacking sessions.

  • We connect interns with companies
  • Real-world experience from the day one
  • Expert support available during the internship
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Individuals trained


Average salary after the internship

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Bridging gaps between talent, academia, and industry

The Growth Hacking Internship connects students, schools, and companies through a hands-on program that builds tech careers, enriches academic offerings, and delivers fresh talent to the tech industry

For students and individuals

Jumpstart your tech career with hands-on growth hacking experience and join a supportive network for lifelong learning and opportunities.

  • Gain practical growth hacking skills in a real tech environment, opening doors to exciting career opportunities.
  • Benefit from a rich community of past participants for guidance, mentorship, and networking.

For companies

Access skilled interns trained in the latest growth hacking strategies to solve your growth challenges and inject innovation into your projects.

  • Discover interns ready to apply growth hacking techniques to real-world problems, driving your company's growth.
  • Connect with a stream of skilled interns from our program, ensuring a continuous influx of innovative thinking into your projects.

For educational institutions

Enhance your curriculum with a practical course that links students directly to tech industry challenges and opportunities.

  • Add a hands-on, credit-earning growth hacking course to your curriculum, directly linking students with the tech industry.
  • Facilitate meaningful partnerships with tech companies, providing students with invaluable real-world experience.
How it works

Growth hacking internship journey

Our Growth Hacking Internship progresses from expert matchmaking to a dynamic kickoff, followed by weekly skill-building iterations with LinkedIn boosts, concluding with a comprehensive review to map out future paths.



Tailored by our matchmaking experts to ensure interns and companies align perfectly, setting the stage for mutual success.



Initiated with support from our seasoned experts, providing interns with the tools and knowledge needed to hit the ground running.


Weekly iterations

Start immediately from week one, incorporating LinkedIn boosting to enhance job prospects, ensuring continuous learning and application of growth hacking principles.


Post-internship review

A thorough evaluation to reflect on accomplishments, challenges, and next steps, ensuring a smooth transition into future opportunities.

Let's explore collobration

Contact us and let's work together for the more diverse future in tech.