Side-hustling at

Growth Hacking Internship

Mari recruits 2 legendary people from Facebook Groups to attend in Growth Hacking Internship pilot.

November 2019

Pre-Herizon Pilot

Association is formed

Herizon ry

No longer a side-hustle.

April 2022

100 trained

100 people have participated in growth hacking internships with a 94% employment rate.

November 2022

First money

€100K of funding

Figured out non-profit fundraising.

April 2023

Over 200 employed

We employed 133 individuals in 2023.

December 2023

For-profit-for-non-profit is formed

Herizon oy

Selling services to fund non-profit is probably easier than continuing fundraising for a non-profit.

January 2024

€100K revenue

We've made more revenue than raised funding for a non-profit so far.

March 2024

ViiviGPT is published

We built a software

Our CRM and talent training tool has been launched.

04 April 2024

University of Applied Sciences Pilot

Growth Hacking Internship is launching at a local University of Applied Sciences. We onboarded 20 students for the first group.

11 April 2024