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LinkedIn Bootcamp

Herizon's LinkedIn Bootcamp offers targeted training to enhance the LinkedIn presence of individuals, companies, and public sector clients, such as international job seekers.

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High-growth tech companies across various sectors have hired our alumni into their teams. These organizations, recognized for innovation and market impact, value the unique skills, perspectives, and cultural diversity our graduates bring.

Key highlights

Maximize your LinkedIn impact

Herizon's LinkedIn Bootcamp stands as a premier program, dedicated to transforming the professional presence of individuals, empowering companies with enhanced brand visibility, and assisting public sector clients in boosting the employability of international talent.

With a track record of unparalleled success, our Bootcamp is the catalyst for achieving LinkedIn mastery.

  • 12 open cohorts per year with tailored opportunities
  • Proven engagement of over 1500 participants
  • Our commitment to excellence has earned us 100% positive reviews
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Positive reviews

Elevating careers, brands and employment

Herizon's LinkedIn Bootcamp is expertly designed to meet the unique needs of individuals, companies, and the public sector, offering a versatile approach to professional development on LinkedIn.

For individuals

Elevate your career with a profile that stands out. Learn to highlight your skills relevant to the Nordic job market, engage effectively with your network, and navigate job opportunities with a newly polished LinkedIn presence.

New free cohort every month, join our Discord to get started.

For companies

Enhance your brand and attract top talent. We guide you through optimizing your company’s LinkedIn profile, engaging with your target audience, and showcasing your culture to attract skilled professionals.

For public sector

Boost employment strategies and support job seekers. Tailor LinkedIn training for international talents, focusing on competence mapping and effective job-seeking techniques on LinkedIn, to improve employability and match job seekers with relevant opportunities.

How it works

LinkedIn Bootcamp journey

Designed for the ambitious minds targeting the Nordic job market, our approach equips you with the tools to stand out, connect, and succeed.


Competency mapping

Start with pinpointing skills crucial for the Nordic job market, setting the stage for a LinkedIn profile that highlights your most marketable assets.


Content strategy

Develop a content plan that showcases your expertise and sparks meaningful interactions, guided by our expert advice on topics and strategies.


Network engagement

Engage with and leverage the power of the Bootcamp community, sharing and boosting content to enhance visibility and impact.


Strategic outreach

Learn targeted approaches to connect with companies, using your identified skills to make compelling introductions on LinkedIn.


Comments from participants

"I thoroughly enjoyed this bootcamp and gained a wealth of new insights into LinkedIn, which I was previously unfamiliar with. I would like to extend my gratitude to Viivi for organizing and delivering such insightful sessions. Looking forward to more of these enlightening opportunities in the future."

"Viivi, thank you very much for your time and for sharing knowledge and experiences to guide us in the best way to use LinkedIn."

"It was a great bootcamp! Though I already had bases on how to use LinkedIn, I found myself discovering many simple tips to spice up what I already do, like looking for keywords people in our industry of interest use in their own posts, or that you can talk about different subjects you're interested in. Thank you so much!"