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Growth Hacking Internship

Growth Hacking Internship is a 2-month intensive course during which interns will learn hands-on Strategic Growth Hacking OS by weekly test-iteration in a hand-picked startup or other tech company.

The program focuses on learning and maintaining the growth hacking process in weekly sprints and solving the bottlenecks of startups firsthand in a collaborative learning environment of a Herizon Academy community of 100+ internship alumni and other professionals, 30+ Vimeo recordings, and a biweekly growth hacking session.

‍Interns will get an environment to maximize their learning curve by working with a plethora of global startups.

Interns come from various backgrounds and don’t have former experience in growth hacking. After helping over 150 individuals to get employed through a growth hacking internship we know, that the hunger to learn the skills to maintain a process and organize oneself effectively are the only requirements. Other interns and a community of alumni and specialists are available for support.

‍The program has an over 90% hire rate immediately after the internship.

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Individuals trained and employed (2023)

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Companies offered the internship (2023)


Average salary after the internship

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Full-time employment rate

Our fair model

€1300 / month fair pay

Fair pay model for adult candidates. The company can pay the salary directory to the intern or Herizon can handle the payment.

2-months fixed model

2 months is an optimal time to test the company<>intern fit. Afterwards, you'll decide if you continue together.

We make it easy for you

The company can arrange payment and contracts themselves or Herizon can offer the full service including salaries and contracts by invoicing the company. Onboarding and additional coaching services available as well.

Over 90% success rate

Even though there are no strings attached, our matchmaking is top-notch: 90% of our 150+ interns have been hired immediately after the internship.

Community support

Support from our community of 500+ members is available for the intern during and after the internship.

No cost!

The only cost of the internship is the intern's salary (extra services excluded). If you decide to hire your intern, we don't take any fee.

What to expect

Dynamic skill acquisition and innovation

Companies gain interns skilled in Strategic Growth Hacking OS, offering fresh approaches to challenges. These interns apply their learning in real-world scenarios, fostering innovation and keeping your business abreast of the latest growth hacking methods.

Collaborative environment with expert resources

Joining this program connects your company to Herizon Academy's network, including over 100 alumni and experts, extensive learning materials, and growth hacking sessions. This collaborative setting enhances your team's skills and keeps you updated with industry trends.

Proven track record of success and employment

With a more than 90% hire rate after the internship, companies have a high chance of discovering exceptional talent. These motivated interns, adept at learning and self-organization, have effectively tackled startup challenges, offering a valuable talent pool for your business.

I trained and employed 100 immigrant women while solving my own problem.

I started a Growth Hacking Internship to solve my own bottleneck at an early-stage venture capital firm: to get people to perform systematic test iteration for early-stage startups.

After training 100 people in 2 years with an incredible hire rate of over 90%, this program has proven to be an excellent model to train and employ immigrant women in tech and also add diversity to often male-dominant tech companies.

Growth Hacking Internship is now available as Herizon’s signature internship program. For her, everywhere.

-Mari Luukkainen, founder of Herizon and Principal of Icebreaker.vc

Viivi Marttinen

Community Manager

Viivi Marttinen

Viivi Marttinen is a standout matchmaker between companies and interns, having demonstrated remarkable prowess as a People Operations Specialist at Supermetrics. 

Notably, she was instrumental in scaling the company’s headcount from 15 to 60, showcasing her exceptional talent in HR, hiring, and office management. This period of significant growth under her guidance highlights her ability to understand and align the needs of both companies and aspiring professionals. 

Viivi’s experience ensures she can create synergistic pairings that propel both organizations and interns toward their goals, nurturing professional development and organizational achievement.

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